Providing evidence based triage for injured children

The SMART Pediatric Triage Tape provides rapid, safe, accurate triage of injured children at a multiple casualty scene.

Adult based assessment methods are not suitable for the triage of children. The stresses of an MCI and the emotional reaction to the presence of multiple injured children can make it easy to over prioritise child casualties beyond the seriousness of their condition and over that of potentially more critically injured adults.

The SMART Tape™ is specifically designed to best assess the severity of the injuries to child casualties.

Accurate on scene triage will allow you to quickly identify those in need of valuable resources both at and away from the scene and prevent simply relocating the incident to the emergency department.

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Why SMART Tape™?
  • Triage designed specifically for children
  • Robust and reusable
  • The only evidence based method for children
  • Simple and easy to use in high stress incidents
  • Prevents misdirection of vital resources

* All images showing casualties are simulated

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