Triage Tag Tested to extreme

Triage Tag Tested to extreme

We would like to introduce you to a valuable member of our team. Gloria, isn't really the ideal employee, she just stands around all day, never comes into the office and let's face it she's a bit of a dummy.

However she plays an important role in our product development. GloRIA, stands for Garment Rain Ingress Assessment. Located on a turntable inside the rain chamber at the University of Leeds, she is exposed to anything from light rain to tropical storms. Leading outdoor clothing companies also use her, ensuring that explorers the world over stay warm and dry in extreme climates.

GloRIA has been used extensively during the development on the SMART Triage Tag. We take the extra step to make sure that our equipment works where you do. It's what has made us world leaders on the MCI scene.


"I have been medical incident officer at many multiple casualty incidents, including terrorist bombings and hijackings."

"The Smart Incident Command System is by far the most practical, well thought out and ultimately relevant range of equipment that I have seen."

Dr Judith M. Fisher MB BS FRCGP FFAEM FIMC(Ed) Founder Member of the World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine Professor of Emergence Medicine Wisconsin University

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