The world's busiest airport Chooses SMART

The world's busiest airport Chooses SMART

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in the world with nearly 90 million passengers a year averaging more than 240,000 passengers a day. It is also the largest single employer in Georgia with over 58,000 employees servicing the airport complex and continues to grow with significant new expansion projects to keep up with the increasing traffic.

The Atlanta Airport Fire Rescue Department have chosen the SMART Incident Command system as their triage system of choice.

During a recent training seminar, training instructors and responders practiced triage and incident response skills using the SMART Incident Command System.

We are proud to be associated with these professionals and honoured that EMS and Fire Departments all over the world make SMART Equipment their choice for incident response.

Three of the top five busiest airports now use SMART Equipment

Chicago O'Hare (#3)
Heathrow (#4)
And now Atlanta (#1)

SMART Equipment the Complete Triage System.


"I have been medical incident officer at many multiple casualty incidents, including terrorist bombings and hijackings."

"The Smart Incident Command System is by far the most practical, well thought out and ultimately relevant range of equipment that I have seen."

Dr Judith M. Fisher MB BS FRCGP FFAEM FIMC(Ed) Founder Member of the World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine Professor of Emergence Medicine Wisconsin University

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