LAS VEGAS Plays it Safe

LAS VEGAS Plays it Safe

The city famous for high risk, is taking no chances with it's multiple casualty incident response.

LAS Airport and Clark County Fire Dept have been training with and using SMART Triage Tags and the SMART Incident Command System since 2005.

But in May 2006 Nevada State Health Division committed to the SMART Incident Command System as their new state wide triage system.

Fergus Laughridge, Program Manager, Emergency Medical Services. Makes the formal declaration.

Read his views on why the State of Nevada chose the Smart Incident Command System.


"Smart equipment has been used successfully and extensively by the UK Defence Medical Services in recent operations"

Colonel T Hodgetts QHP OStJ MB BS MMEd FRCP FFAEM FIMCRSCSEd FRGS L/RAMC, Specialist Pre Hospital Advisor to the British Army

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