JEMS Reviews TSG's Latest Product

JEMS Reviews TSG's Latest Product

You're on scene at an MCI involving a passenger train. People were thrown around violently after impact - their bodies flying one way, their belongings another. Briefcases, wallets, PDAs full of important information, photos, weapons belonging to FBI agents commuting to the city from the suburbs - how do you log and secure such personal possessions?

You remove patients with critical and serious injuries to a treatment area, cutting off clothing to assess injuries. You remove watches and rings to prevent constriction of swollen areas. What do you do with these valuables?

During decontamination procedures, you ask the involved parties to remove their clothing and shoes so they can be cleaned. You separate people from their possessions for an extended time period. What's your SOP for keeping victims together with their gear - or at least ensuring they all get to the same place?

Enter the Smart Evidence and Baggage System (SEBS), a revolutionary product designed to give a definitive solution to emergency personnel who remove patient possessions and need a system to secure, track and return items (or secure them as evidence) in an efficient, timely manner...

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"The way the tag has evolved has shown thought and analysis of what is needed by the end user.. But, more importantly, it's part of a systemic approach"

"I found that you had the proper mixture of a product that was also part of a system that was capable of evolving as needed."

Neal Hargrave, Acadian Ambulance Service Louisiana

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