Amtrak Rail Crash NV

Amtrak Rail Crash NV

The SMART Triage System was used at the Amtrak rail crash in Nevada on June 24th where a gravel truck crashed through safety barriers at a rail crossing and into the side of the Amtrak passenger train.

Six people were confirmed to have died in the collision. The driver of the truck and the conductor of the train along with four passengers were killed. Many of the surviving passengers suffered blunt trauma, fractures, abrasions, lacerations and internal injuries.

Banner Churchill Community Hospital's EMS tagged and transported 19 Priority 1 and 2 casualties by ground or air ambulance. They transported another 53 by School Bus to the local ER.

Banner Churchill Community Hospital, a small four-unit service in Fallon, NV, received SMART Equipment, including Triage Tags as part of a State purchase in 2006.

Our thoughts are with the victims of the crash and their families.



"We already had triage tags on our ambulances, but nothing more. The SMART system allowed us to expand our ability to respond to MCI."

Neal Hargrave, Acadian Ambulance Service Louisiana

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