Acadian Ambulance Service trusts SMART ICS

Acadian Ambulance Service trusts SMART ICS

With over 200 ground vehicles and 6 helicopters, Louisiana based Acadian Ambulance Service provides the highest level of pre-hospital emergency care and disaster response to area covering more than 20,000 square miles. We are proud that Acadian has chosen the SMART Incident Command System to form a key part of their MCI response.

Equipping each vehicle and scene commanders with the SMART Incident Command equipment they can effectively respond to incidents of all sizes.

"We already had triage tags on our ambulances, but nothing more. The SMART system allowed us to expand our ability to respond to MCI." Neal Hargrave, Acadian Ambulance Service Louisiana.

With TSG Associates supplying customer support and training, Acadian paramedics are now ready to meet the challenges of our ever-changing world.


"We found that the system will speed decision making, improve communication and accountability and enable responders to employ resources in the most effective way...Without a doubt everyone that comes into contact with the system understands it."

Fergus Laughridge, Program Manager Emergency Medical Services. The Nevada State Health Division.

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