300 casualties reported as Tornado hits Scout Camp

300 casualties reported as Tornado hits Scout Camp

A tornado swept through a scout Campboree in Rhode Island. Leaving 300 children and adults injured in the chaos. To save the maximum numbers of survivors from the disaster, first medical response must be well managed and effective. Thankfully this wasn't a real event, it was a training exercise that RI-1 DMAT set to test their MCI response.

Early in the planning phase we were asked to provide triage training and our world leading SMART Incident Command System™.

Triage teams were dispatched to the scene, equipped with the SMART Triage Pac™, which allowed for rapid, effective Primary triage.

The SMART Commander™ facilitated accurate patient accountability, and the SMART MCI Bag™ was used to re-supply the rescuers on scene.

The exercise was a great success due to the dedication and professionalism shown by the members of RI-1 DMAT.

For more information about this exercise please contact Brooke Lawrence: a b.a.lawrence@charter.net


"Smart equipment has been used successfully and extensively by the UK Defence Medical Services in recent operations"

Colonel T Hodgetts QHP OStJ MB BS MMEd FRCP FFAEM FIMCRSCSEd FRGS L/RAMC, Specialist Pre Hospital Advisor to the British Army

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