TSG Associates work with selected partners across the world.

As the world leaders in triage and mass casualty equipment TSG Associates work with selected partners across the world to bring you a multiple casualty response solution with the expertise and support of a local provider.


Kingfisher Medical
Specialty : Hospital & EMS
Location: Ohio, USA
Contact Number: 614 568 4000
Email: customerservice@kingfishermedical.com

As our sister company, Kingfisher Medical's primary purpose is to distribute our full range of products across North America, providing our US Customers with unparalleled product knowledge and customer service.
Kingfisher Medical are also the leading supplier of the SMARTSafe property bags to hospitals in America.

Bound Tree Medical
Specialty : EMS
Location: Ohio, USA
Contact Number: 800 533 0523
Email: customerservice@boundtree.com

Bound Tree Medical is the nation's leading emergency medical products distributor. They provide personalized service and the broadest range of emergency medical products to EMS across the US.


Middle East

MDT Global Solutions
Location: United Kingdom & Qatar
Contact Number: +44 1202 823175
Email: Sales Team

MDT Global Solutions LTD is a UK based company, with a strong Middle East Division, providing a specialist portfolio of education, equipment and enterprise. "Our aim is to provide and deliver the best quality equipment solutions to the military and civilian healthcare systems."



Location: Queenland, Australia
Contact Number: 0061 7334 89155
Email: ngaire@midmed.com.au

Midmed is an Australian company providing quality medical supplies, medical equipment and disposables to the healthcare industry.

By partnering with Midmed we are able to offer our Australian customers, quick delivery, great product knowledge and excellent customer care.



Location: Wien, Austria
Contact Number: 0043 1957 9715
Email: dmcgirt@medicalsci.com

Medical SCA are distributors of high-quality emergency medical products throughout Europe. They distribute innovative products with a strong focus on individual and personalised customer service.


Critical Healthcare
Location: Co. Westmeath Ireland
Contact Number: 00 353 579 333111 or 020 3411 3411
Email: Seamus@criticalhealthcare.com


The Netherlands

Special Medics
Location: 3515 ET UTRECHT
Contact Number: 0031 (0)30 755 1505 
Email: office@specialmedics.com

Special Medics offers Smart Equipment throughout the Netherlands alongside their extensive range of  training and products that are developed from the experience of members of Special Forces, Special Police and Diplomatic Security Units. Their modular system can be tailored to meet the needs of specialist clients.


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